• Testimonials

  • "Once you try neatNIX, you'll be hooked!"

    Tara, Lafayette

    Shelly stepped into my disorganized and cluttered bedroom that I'd been too embarrassed to let anyone see (outside of my family) and within an hour, she accomplished more than I had in 4 years of living here.  Shelly has a no-nonsense approach to organization while remaining respectful and kind.  Allowing someone to witness my mess and disorganization felt scary to me but Shelly put me right at peace and now I'm thinking, WHEN can I get her back here and WHY did I wait so long.   Once you try neatNIX, you'll be hooked.  Shelly's smart and thorough approach makes her services invaluable.  I can't wait to retreat to my newly organized bedroom.  Thanks Shelly!!

    "Thank you!"

    Alice, Lafayette

    My summer is going to be so much better with things organized.

    "Thank you for the miracle of my kitchen."

    Joan, Lafayette

    You did a great job of placing everything logically.  You made it easier for me to let go of things and that was a very important gift that you gave me.  I look forward to our next session.  Thank you very much!